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trentbarton hugo App Redesign


Trent Barton stylised as trentbarton, established in 1913 are a bus operator based in Heanor, Derbyshire.

The trentbarton hugo App is one that I’ve used personally for public transport in my area. They are the ‘really good bus company’ in their slogan, but their app is really not good (sorry trentbarton) it’s hard to use and feels very outdated.

This is my retake on how the app should look and function.

The Task






trentbarton branding

The old hugo app landing page

The Problem

The app has a rating of 3.2 stars on the Google Play Store and 3.4 on the Apple Store. It is difficult to use from a UX and UI standpoint. I personally use trentbarton for public transport quite often and rather than use their app, I visit their website to find the info I need. An app should be easier to use than loading a webpage. A few stand out problems include the navigation buttons being at the top, arguably the hardest part of a mobile screen to reach. As well as the dissociation with trentbarton branding, it does not look like it is their app at all.

The Solution

With some changes to how the navigation would work, as well as a nice fresh look the app would be much easier to use, and a pleasure to do so. Now more than ever as a new generation that are glued to their phones are starting to use public transport, it needs to be convenient for them to use your services. If it isn’t it’s likely they will use somebody elses.


The Results

The top row are screenshots of the current app, the images below are my take on how those pages should look. Once the ‘Search for a bus stop’ bar is pressed the current navigation menu would drop back down and the map would be in full view whilst the user could type into the search bar.

Whilst creating this redesign trentbarton made a development in technology to allow for contactless card payments on their buses. So I played with the idea of their app having a built in contactless page as well as Mango page (which is their top-up bus travel card). Tied to this an achievements/milestones section & rewards program to try to entice younger passengers to use their services.

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