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Spotify Music Player Redesign


Spotify, established in 2008, is one of the biggest music streaming services available worldwide.

Without swaying too far from the original Spotify player I wanted to bring more emphasis on artist expression, through changes in the
UI design.

The Task




UX Tweaks


Increase Artist Expression

The current Spotify music player UI.

The Problem

The Spotify App is arguably the #1 most used music app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App store. I use it on a daily basis and can’t complain about the functionality at all. I do however feel like the control buttons are far too close together and the app itself looks rather dull. It’s sleek looking and easy to understand but I think it could look better and be a little easier, if not more convenient to use.

The Solution

I think the player itself should alter appearance in compliment to the artwork on display. The colours themselves could be selected by the artist when the music is added to Spotify, or updated in the future. I love that the app uses a slight gradient to compliment the artwork, but it’s not always right and could be improved. I also believe there is room in the UI elements to add a little bit of personality.


The Results

With a more defined gradient to compliment the album artwork the app really pops on your screen. The added colour change of the heart icon and the time bar also help add some flair. I also chose to round the corners of the album art slightly, to stay on trend with how mobile device screens are headed. As well as spread the UI buttons apart to allow more room for accurate touches on smaller device screens.

Whilst playing with the UI elements, I decided to try and produce a skeuomorphic style play button to add a little modern design to the app.

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