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Edge Brand Identity


EDGE is a re-brand project I delivered back in 2016 for Radio NCN (New College Nottingham)

The project was to deliver a new branding that would better fit the audience.

The Task







The old Radio NCN logo.

The Problem

The old Radio NCN logo is simple and gets across the point that it is a radio station. It is however very boring and not very attractive, it doesn’t stand out at all. The colour choices are very basic and don’t relate to the New College Nottingham branding at all. The overall composition lacks appealing spacing and the type choice is uninspired.

The Solution

To better appeal to the target audience the new brand will need to be sleek and less obvious of it’s link to a radio station. The colours should better compliment the branding of New College Nottingham so that it’s a brand they can associate with and be proud of advertising. 

The Research

To better understand the radio market I did some research into existing brands. It was clear that most brands where using flat design for their logo and opting for bold and bright colours. 

It also became obvious that the majority of radio stations had logos that did not represent their link to radio. Unlike the use of headphones and sound wave graphics used for Radio NCN.

The Initial Ideas

To better develop the ideal branding for EDGE I decided to try a variety of different styled logos. All influenced by design styles I had seen used in other radio station branding.

The Results

My favourite of the designs and also what I thought best suited the brief was the angular EDGE with the NCN colour scheme.

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